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Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert

She is lisping 

Showrly:Mathieu Sommet est fan de cette vidéo?!^^
Michael Flatman:3 adverts are so good
Katharina Kieff:Hallo meine süßen Powerfrauen, das Video hat schon einmal die Runde bei uns gemacht, aber ich möchte es noch einmal teilen weil es einfach so schön ist. Damit verabschiede ich mich auch für den Mittag, bin später wieder unterwegs. KNUDDEL EUCH!
Annette De Manna:*Hihi, das ist doch wohl witzig, hier könnt ihr sogar ein eigenes Foto hochladen und mit der Katze das Lied trällern ♫ ♫ °\(ړײ)/°* 
Lorena Floyhar:AMAZING VIDEO EVER! I love this.So sharing this with my friends and family on Facebook.And adding this to my favorites.
cannricky Perez:Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert:
WePlayWeWatch:ThreeUK has the best adverts of all time
sternchen67xx:TOP!!!! - hihihihihi - soooo..Klasse gemacht!!!!!!!♥♥♥lach - vielen,vielen Dank dafür!!!!!♥♥♥ goldene sterne und meinen goldenen STERNENPOKAL voller ideen,voller glück,kleiner wunder und voller lieber knuddelis vom sternchen♥♥♥
Josh N:I love this song! And she's so cute :P
Ying Duong:She is lisping 
Diane Bowen:
Megan Moore:I love this advert
Savannah Hall:*We love this kitty, we love this kitty and bacon ro-oools!*
The Lord Rhys Cymru:Guys singing cat is rare the wild cat is like a singing boss 
Kat H:Cute commercial!! Oh, and singitkitty doesn't work in the US. :-(
PatteDe Chameau:La gueule du chat 'V'
Tanya Lumere:a girl + a cat + a song + #passion = a whole lotta #fun :) ❥ To your silly #creative spirit.
Meow Meow:Very creative video!!!
cndvst:It's funny, but I heard this song on the radio and this advert and that cat immediately jumped into my head.
Diana Sorich:Check out this video on YouTube:
Caroberries:Who sings? They're soo cute!
Péťa Mládková:
Orange Bernard:Adverts have gone to far...
Kate Loughran:EMOGI STYLE: Starts. Music intro: 🌅😆😋😆😋😆😆😆😆😆😆😆rides bike🚲say u dont no meh or RECONIZE mah👧face🎆say u don't care to go to that kind of place🏥i totaly depend on mah 💜heart listen to the 📻🔊radio dooont u remember we built this 🎑city on 🎸⚽rock and rollllllllll! Made bye kate loughran plz like and follow Lol😘 
Maya Cooley:Look in search box make your own explosion that's my video of me!
ghostpictures: I love this commercial
zedooncadhz:Is she real? Theres something computer generated about at least some part of her appearance
Xadia:We fed this kitty some bacon rolls. xD lawl. #lolcats #cats 
Pearl Claw the Frost cat:i love you england.
touchdalight:EMMA BLACKERY
David Baker:Love this advert, inspired me to do a vocal cover of this song! type in 'We built this city - the voices of dave' if you are interested! :D 
Lilymas :DDDDD:id probubly die if i saw this on my tv
William Muir:the cat in the advert name is bronte
Imelda Cooke:love this little cute girl with her pink bike
TheLoyaltyRespect:the next 21 people to sub me will get a shout out and 46 subs hurry today only 
Janya K:Aww cute! lil darling who rocked this classic number so well than the Original members of Starship band of 80's, Childhood still more precious when you see a lil girl ride a tiny pink bike singing with her cute munchkin kitty in the basket. : ] heck yeah! we all need the silly stuff sometimes, if it makes our heart go aww : ) : )
Garry arden:Feeling sad ? Not anymore .
MultiDarkZen:Ashens brought me here
Elements of Art GmbH:"We all need silly stuff." Da können wir nur zustimmen! Deshalb zum Wochenende (und dem Weltkatzentag!) eine schöne Kinder-Katzen-Musik-Kampagne. ‪#‎SingItKitty‬ ‪#‎MorphYourFace‬ Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert Übrigens: Unter kann das eigene Gesicht eingesetzt werden.
abdi abdirahman:This is fake you know
dubstep mariachi:EMMA BLACKERY IS DA BOMB
Emma Morris:Can't get enough of this!
Andrew Phillips:Wait just saw 1,424 thumbs down Some people need to return their souls
TheIcelandicBoy:Remember seeing this in one of the advertisements on my xbox. At first I was dreading what was gonna happen, worried it was some kind of safety commercial, something bad was gonna happen to the girl, get hit by a car or something, because she wasn't paying attention. Was damn relieved it was just a silly commercial.
Alan Wright:here kitty kitty
Imelda Cooke:hmm love this cute girl and the pink bike just like what i got
Darius Hamburch:song soo awesome
Freigeist Welt::-)
When a pedal-pumping songstress meets a flat-faced dynamo.The latest advert from Three, starring The Girl, The Singing Cat and a whole load of silly stuff. You can star in your own kitten-rocking, face-morphing music video at #SingItKitty
Views: 5,705,646
Updated: 2014-10-20 00:01
Published: 2014-02-20 23:19
Author: three
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