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Does anyone know how to access the singitkitty website in the us?

Three UK:We all need silly stuff. #SingItKitty
willku9000:I love this Video X3 #Singitkitty
Jasmine Wolfe (Basement Kitty):I found this thanks to a post by +Marla Caldwell, and I don't care if it *is* and advertisement and is a year old, it is now officially my favorite thing ever on the Web. I can't stop watching it. Especially when the cat does the falsetto. If I were a cat, I'd want to ride around in that little girl's basket.
Natalia Dimitrijevic:That was the coolest thing i have ever seen on youtube, i am not even...
Mollsworthy Fox:Check out this video on YouTube: We built this city on rock and roll
Michael Flatman:3 adverts are so good
Alexey Kushnarenko:
Ana Leo:
Tanya Lumere:a girl + a cat + a song + #passion = a whole lotta fun. ✓ ❥ To your silly #creative spirit ▸ Happy #NationalCatDay *>.<*
Zark Racco:Does anyone know how to access the singitkitty website in the us?
Tyler Smith:this is actually real!! search sing-it-kitty behind the scenes and none of it is CGI
The Rosie and Nellie Show:This cat was on a tv show called cats do the funniest things but I dont see how this is funny anyway its really cool
Chris tine:Cat advert -
Daniel Pernold:Feel free. :)
Showrly:Mathieu Sommet est fan de cette vidéo?!^^
WePlayWeWatch:ThreeUK has the best adverts of all time
marina roig molins:Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube: Me gusta, gracioso, apetece verlo varias veces 
Юрий Шилов:Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert
Misiogry:It worked and it stopped... why oh why? :( :( :(
Fuzzyflappyduke AJ:the child is so cute and the kitty i saw it on a cat program
James Tennant:Lol 
kadine polack:Lool I am watching cats make you laugh and they showed her
Sophie Dowd:
CowBearOMG:I cant use it -_- (I live in the U.S. does that affect it?)
Emily Haines:Love this advert.
Patricia Jaramillo:Anuncio de gatito y niña -
Lorraine Michelle Thompson:Three - #SingItKitty - cat advert:
Daniela Jacobsen:<3 <3 <3
sophie keval:lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Polimédia Reklámstúdió:Érdemes egyszer megnézni ez a kis vicces reklámvideót :)
Kobato Scarlet:how cute
Plisskin King:This advertisement is awesome. I love it when it comes on tv, and love the music. Thanks 3 4 making this!!!!😃😄😀
stephen Kennedy:bandits
Harmony Freebird:Aww sooooooo cute! #Singitkitty
Kittykat Jones:So creative!
nugga47:Please make this available again, so we can make more kitty videos! This has to be the best campaign ever!....
Dkol Sgj:LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lana Hughes:Lolol so cute! Love it!
David Wilson:P.S The cats real name is Bronte pronounced like this: Bront-ay
MrFishFillet:I just got here from Ashens, #SingItChef
Andy Davies:Ha ha ah. I love your kitty
Kevin Miller:This has also been on TV 
Amanda Elliott:that was really cute
Kim Barnes:loves this
jessica lewis:My favourite l keep playing it over and over.
Mario Alvarez Keller:
eletrotrend:We need silly things!
Rocusan:I JUST NEED THIS AWESOME SONG! And nothing more!
Dove King:no sing to ME.
Grupo Bravo:Hay que empezar la semana con energía. Feliz semana!! #felizlunes #gbbravo #enjoy #SingItKitty
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Updated: 2015-05-30 12:10
Published: 2015-04-17 15:23
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