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Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

Love it so much!ROCK ON Three days grace!

Screaming Scarlette:Seriously, we all love Adam, but, he left the reins with Matt for a reason. HE ROCKS! Gotta see him in concert before you can make a judgement. He can definitely hold his own with "the greats" of metal aka Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickenson and so on..... Shoulda heard the notes he was holding and there would be no question. 
Walerf Duarte Oliveira:Nice vocals, but it souds like breaking benjamin... As a old fan, i miss Adam, but that's not the end of the world... Just the end of 3dg.
Bad Mojo 92x:listening to this for the first time i can imagine exactly what Adam would sound like if he had sung it instead. the lyrical style is exactly like Adam's. I think this may have been a song they had already written before he left the band, then they just rerecorded vocals (they did say they had half the album done before having to replace Adam). This guy doesn't sound bad but I can still hear Adam's voice in my head listening to this and it would sound better.
denis kompos:this is not 3 days grace :(
Dietonightliveforever:Yo is that Criss Angel Mindfreak in this picture?? WT? Amazing song nonetheless lol.
Tsunayuki Sawada:+The Amazing Waffle Man Yoshi :3​ Here bro....I saw one of your posts and u said u feel here...this song might help Three Days Grace - "Painkiller":
milan miki:Over 5 millions views !!! :D
Destiny Stokes:Serously guys. I understand that you guys miss Adam, but I like Matt a lot better. Give him a chance. I liked Adam too, but I think 3DG will be better with Matt. Give him a chance. 
awesomebomber13:song would be WAY better if adam sung it
Steve Duck:Love it so much!ROCK ON Three days grace!
angel with a shotgun/Delta Female\:Luv this song. one day Ill find a painkiller
Mia Senpai:Omg so Adam doesn't sing this? Or? Cuz if he doesn't this sounds exactly like his Voice 
Lorde Croowel:HAAAAAAAA I never listen to this music before. So awesome!!!!!
Lizard Geckos:I miss Adam a lot, but this isn't bad.
Jorge Ponce:Painkiller
Young Sinatra:In my opinion, Adam will always be in my heart as the true TDG vocalist; however, the current vocalist isn't that bad.
Megan S:One of my favorite songs. I think the changes with the singers was a good choice. love it!
Flemi Frets:Great song ^^ Three Days Grace is my 2nd fav band
WeeBam Martin:Bands should learn to quiet while your ahead. Matt isnt good, but its not Three Days Grace anymore. They should have disbanded and started a new band entirely. 
Greg Geniesse:this song has helped through so much and has a very personal meaning to me because hes putting himself out their and saying let me help through life and that the band and music can kill all the pain so fuck all you haters go listen to the music that makes you happy and leave matt and the band alone
Jordan Harris:the verses sound so much like Adema
Funnii Zocker:omg hammer lied!!!!
AG TEX:The only reason why I can't take Matt Walst seriously is because he made "Porn Star Dancing", it just leaves a weird feeling inside.
TolgA öK:Adam left the band that´s sad i love his voice but Matt is for years a part of TDG and he sings in the same level and TDG has never lost his sound. when Barry and Neil is also left the band than you can say that isnt TDG from earlier. Who´s a better replacement as Matt ? nobody! And to say the song isnt the sound of TDG is not a Real supporter !!!!! And Adam was choice Matt.
watashinouchiha:I like this song and the guy does a good job. However, I would cut off my left arm to hear Adam sing this just once.
Lewis Morrison:Love this people says Matt is the closest thing to Adam, that is soooo faraway from the truth Matt is Brads younger brother... and My Darkest days were going nowhere fast.... They have changed their sound now to go with the new singer as all bands have to!! they sound alright, wont be out buying their new album or anything!!!!!
Hal0fiend:So am I the only one who thought the first time you heard the song without anyone tellin ya who it was...that it was Adema?
Kayla White:Heard something about one of the reasons of Adam leaving is because they wanted him to write songs that were 3 minutes so they can be on radio but he didn't want that he wanted to write from the heart plus the struggles he was facing for a long while.. I now actually believe it. But I do love this song. 
Oscar Medina:We all miss Adam; however Matt isn't that bad. If you listen to My Darkest Days, which Matt vocals are displayed then you'll understand he's not bad. Song like: My Darkest Days - Save Yourself My Darkest Days - Still Worth Fighting For Matt just got put under a bad situation in which he has to cover the wound Adam left.
Shaun Read:Ive been with TDG since they started ive been to concerts and i liked them with adam and ive havent been to a concert with matt but i went to a my darkest days concert and it was good and im not gonna drop TDG because adam left 
THEREALDARKRAVEN:For everyone who hat matt. I say hold on. They first album without Adam is coming soon. Once we here it then everyone can decided if he ok or not. After all its better to have three days grace then not to. Adam is my boy and all but I want to see see if little Matt can live up to the rep
Blue The Killer:I'll miss Adam 
Zabigetsu:0:37 Is he singing "The toast that you die on?" XD
theZoftime:When does it kick into the drum solo then the actual song? Y'know, with the lyrics about being faster than a bullet, with a terrifying scream, enraged and full of anger, being half man and half machine? 
ActionGuy34:Every album by three days grace has been great. I am machine is really disappointing me so far but I don't know I will see what I'm able to make out of it.
woolen ominvore:I dont know y people like ohhh I wish Adam woulda stayed and sung this. He left guys deal with it at least TDG still have a good singer and still sound very good
Mitchell Freund:matt is hot as fuck 
Draconis Astrum:I can be the boulder you cry on, THE TOAST THAT YOU DINE ON! ... I'm sorry. I could not resist. :P
Goombatroop:This song is pretty much an anti-depressant itself
Alois Trancy:I can be your painkiller, killer, killer! <3
Daethar:It feels so weird w/o Adam's Voice. Oh well, I have to get used to it I guess :(
otaku chan:I just can't listen to the new songs their so different with out Adam. I miss Adam
Joel Lee:I can be your babe hitler, HITLER, HITLER!
Loise Jimima Trancy:The shoulder you cry on, the dust that you die on, I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer! Admin: I HAVE A FEELING THIS SHOULD BE A CIEL PHANTOMHIVE AMV...
Clayton Gerrian:Adam was so much better. This dude sounds just like every other generic band. Shouldn't have been aloud to carry on the name. 
yxtee:Judas Priest lingers in the comments xDD
Draconic:so mesmerizing and awsome song ;)
Emman Pascual:Three Day Grace has ALWAYS been my favourite band, since '08. I loved each album they produced, Three Days Grace, One-X, Life Starts Now, Transit of Venus, so on... And to hear this song, I can definitely hear the THREE DAYS GRACE in this one. The singer didn't make the band worse, no. Just alternate it. I'll admit... I do miss Adam, and the songs he wrote were my favourites, too. It's a great shame for the band, but it was his decision. Nothing else we can do, but whine and b!tch, or appreciate that TDG is still on their way. I'm looking forward for the album.
"Painkiller" Out Now:

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Published: 2014-03-31 13:06
Author: ThreeDaysGraceVideos
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