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Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

Wait! This isn't Judas Priest! 

satan against the redsam:I'm not sure as to how I feel about this song.
Walerf Duarte Oliveira:Nice vocals, but it souds like breaking benjamin... As a old fan, i miss Adam, but that's not the end of the world... Just the end of 3dg.
Patrick star:I do not fucking "miss" Adam because I have never knew or met him in my life..but I want more beautiful songs like "never too late" and "I hate everything about you" on my playlist.. and if Matt can provide songs of this kind with his vocal abillities- then I do not care about Adam and I aing gonna beg 4 dat douchbag to come back. 
Julia The Dark Killer Mecha-Hedgehog:Me encanta esa canción! LIKE ;)
Danny Massey:Adam-Pain Matt Painkiller #shotsfired
Flemi Frets:Great song ^^ Three Days Grace is my 2nd fav band
vladlashing:Generic ... I dont understand this whole movement of bands that look the same, sound the same, same production, same tones ... same voice and the hot topic clothes with beards
Julian Tarantino:This song is my painkiller Someone probably said it already 
DSWEIG:Wait! This isn't Judas Priest! 
SnowMan6797:Might as well change this bands name to My Darkest Days 2.0 now. 
Pita bread:The New lead singers voice reminds me of the Lead singer from MyDarkestdays kinda funny cause one of the bands they were inspired from was TDG
Bad Mojo 92x:listening to this for the first time i can imagine exactly what Adam would sound like if he had sung it instead. the lyrical style is exactly like Adam's. I think this may have been a song they had already written before he left the band, then they just rerecorded vocals (they did say they had half the album done before having to replace Adam). This guy doesn't sound bad but I can still hear Adam's voice in my head listening to this and it would sound better.
Tsunayuki Sawada:+The Amazing Waffle Man Yoshi :3​ Here bro....I saw one of your posts and u said u feel here...this song might help Three Days Grace - "Painkiller":
Screaming Scarlette:Seriously, we all love Adam, but, he left the reins with Matt for a reason. HE ROCKS! Gotta see him in concert before you can make a judgement. He can definitely hold his own with "the greats" of metal aka Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickenson and so on..... Shoulda heard the notes he was holding and there would be no question. 
John Lewis:He is just as good as Adam Gontier. He gives me something a little different to listen to. I like it! 
Jimi Hendrix:I thing Chester Bennington would fit TDG perfectly. Matt isn't bad, but this band needs someone with a more powerful voice.
Shy RxShane:Oh I loved Adam, and the band made a wise choice with Matt. Still so fucking awesome, so why are y'all bitching.?
S4N71C4VAT0R7A:"Now I'm gonna give you what you need" sounds like Chester Bennington
OblivionMusicVideos:I think Matt sounds better than Adam, Adam is still really good but I just prefer Matt's voice
TheVraccy:Adam will be missed and all of that, but lets all just accept that he's gone and lets go with this for a change, and what I mean by that is we must at least try to give this new style of the band a chance. I gave it a chance and I really like it. It's got a newer feeling, not saying the old style was bad. (I love the old style as well) Anyway, back to the topic though. The new style is bringing Three Days Grace back, and it's getting them more fans. I mean sure, some of the old fans of Three Days Grace may not agree to the new style and wont listen to the newer songs they may come out with, but the fans that stayed, including the newer fans, the band is getting just as popular as before. (And they may gain more fame, but that's a "Maybe".) So, lets all give this style a chance, and this goes for everyone who reads this that has a bunch of negative thoughts of the new style. Read some of the comments of the people who did give this a chance. Guarantee 8/10 of them like it. The other 2/10 I would probably ignore. Those people are either haters or down right classic Three Days Grace fans. Also, the newer listeners of the band seem to enjoy the new style too. So please try to give it a chance. I hate to see people dislike something just because of a minor change. It's not that bad! At least they didn't split apart like Evanescence did. Furthermore, a lot of people say the new lead singer rocks at concerts, and the old members of the band seem to be enjoying themselves. By the way, I'm not trying to change opinions, and I'm not talking trash to the people who disagree. I just want them to take some time out of their lives to at least try to give this a chance. I bet others may agree to this statement too. I also apologize for my terrible typing. I have no excuse for it. I know its bad. thank you for reading this somewhat long and terribly typed out statement.
Dillon J:For all of you that think Adam is a "douche" because he left Three days grace. First, before making a statement like that you should really make sure you have your facts straight. He left because 'That chapter in his life was over and it was just time to move on'. Those were his words. He doesn't hate the members of TDG and they don't hate him. They even said if he ever wanted to come back that he could. As for Matt, I don't think he's a bad singer. Will Three days grace be the same without Adam? No. But I think we should all be happy that Adam is still making songs and that TDG is still a band.
Zazz:Ofcourse we ALL miss Adam, and that's okay. He was unique, but we have to let it go. We have to accept that there's Matt now, and be fair - He's not bad. He can't replace Adam, no one will ever can, and I ofcourse wish he will return one day, but We should wish him all the best for his life, he's a fighter. Maybe he comes back one day but if not, we have to live with it, and try to accept the "New" TDG.. It's different, but still really good. Cheers!
Natascha Marie:I love the song, but I feel like the tempo is too slow.
박준식:우리나라에서도 유명한곡입니다 주로 ost로 많이쓰이네요ㅎㅎ미들템포 락입니다 ㅎ
awesomebomber13:song would be WAY better if adam sung it
Eryk Kanciano Esposito:0:37 TEN CZOSNEK CI DAJĄ!!!!
Michael Hilton:I Am Machine is so much better. This song sucks and I agree with the people that said its generic. I need something to rock my head to not some fast mumbo jumbo gibberish. This song is annoying.
Kayce Carman:Have any of you played chatlands? 😕
angel with a shotgun/Delta Female\:Luv this song. one day Ill find a painkiller
CRAZYburns55:Man I'm upset that Adam left but if they are going to keep pumping out material like this then I can dig it.
Karyn Everitt:May 31st is when this video was uploaded. also my birthday ^_^
michaelsingleton69:Sounds like the lead from SR71
TheSkyshatter:No matter how good Matt perform people will still hate him and want Adam back but it wont happen.Same thing happend with Nightwish when Tarja left and a lot other bands.Just enjoy the music thats it
ChristinaThu:Fuckin hate my shitty life
Jack Dotson:Misheard lyric- I, I can be a pain kill her, kill her, kill her
๓ίค รєภԹคί:Omg so Adam doesn't sing this? Or? Cuz if he doesn't this sounds exactly like his Voice 
Alara Demir:I love so much Adam and Three Days Grace but I guess,dont like Matt.Sorry.This is true.........
Nicolas Khan:It's not the same without Adam, but they're still Three Days Grace, and they're still a great band.
BJ Jankow:You haters GO F Yourselfs this is Better Music Than 90 % of whats out there today! Is This the best they written Yes / No Who cares Shut up and lkisten or Move On.. 
king charlie:Is this the original singer please someone tell me asap
Nicky Patson:without adam gointer its nothing!
christopher sewell:Who is addem
Nathalie Roy:Matt's voice is fabulous ... a music group is not composed only of members, but also talent and each of them bring a new 3DG.
Fernando Fernandes:Que se foda o Adam, a banda ainda é foda tdg pra sempre !!
Adam Thompson and The Vantases:When I first heard this on the radio I nearly cried
Hayden Fixmer:I'm really glad this didn't end up being a shitty cover of a legendary Judas Priest song lol
GameMoments:does matt play rythum guitar at all like adam?
Kamil Wlodarczyk:0.36 GDY CZOSNEK CI DAJĄ !!!
"Painkiller" Out Now:

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