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Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

Matt Walst is good, but, Adam Gontier is the best for me

Walerf Duarte Oliveira:Nice vocals, but it souds like breaking benjamin... As a old fan, i miss Adam, but that's not the end of the world... Just the end of 3dg.
mihael mellow ♡:I'm not sure as to how I feel about this song.
Screaming Scarlette:Seriously, we all love Adam, but, he left the reins with Matt for a reason. HE ROCKS! Gotta see him in concert before you can make a judgement. He can definitely hold his own with "the greats" of metal aka Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickenson and so on..... Shoulda heard the notes he was holding and there would be no question. 
Zabigetsu:0:37 Is he singing "The toast that you die on?" XD
Craig Tucker:I can be your painkiller, killer, killer! <3
Flemi Frets:Great song ^^ Three Days Grace is my 2nd fav band
Cultometalero:It is no the masterpiece of Judas Priest....
Raelynn B.:Painkiller
GraveDigger35:0:37 Death on Toast? what does he have a shrinking potion to make that happen?
Rentaro Satomi:Matt Walst is good, but, Adam Gontier is the best for me
gabriel vargas:HATER GOONNA HATE MATT AND LIKE ADAM but i like matt
C Buda:I know Matt is good but still......Adams voice just never leaves you haha, no one cant really replace him. Still love the band and hopefully Matt will prove me wrong
steven paul:
Holly Chan:o_____o.... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, ADAM DX!!!!
Mariah dark angel:*Boaaa Noitttt, Comu*!! :) \m/ #ThreeDaysGrace * ----- * +Luanna Demitrov , +luciano costa, +Moisés Dias Neto , +Leon galvany, +Irla Costa e Evazit@@ +Eva Kurgeo :))
Susan P.:
Dietonightliveforever:Yo is that Criss Angel Mindfreak in this picture?? WT? Amazing song nonetheless lol.
Emman Pascual:Three Day Grace has ALWAYS been my favourite band, since '08. I loved each album they produced, Three Days Grace, One-X, Life Starts Now, Transit of Venus, so on... And to hear this song, I can definitely hear the THREE DAYS GRACE in this one. The singer didn't make the band worse, no. Just alternate it. I'll admit... I do miss Adam, and the songs he wrote were my favourites, too. It's a great shame for the band, but it was his decision. Nothing else we can do, but whine and b!tch, or appreciate that TDG is still on their way. I'm looking forward for the album.
Jordan Mendez:Matt is good but i still miss Adam :'(
Jakub Marszałek:The Only "Painkiller" is Judas Priest!
Mcrmy Soldier_Hannah:Good song but Adam was so much better
Meghan Trego:I miss adam sooo much. Its not the same without him when listening to 3dg. Still love them though, but adam was better:(
The Doomsday Boy Scout:Does Anyone Else See The Troll Face 2:59
Josh Cruz:I wanted Judas Priest not this gay shit 
Gad IzAnFagit.:Everyone's all arguing over the lead singer change up and I'm just sitting here like....I'ma go listen to the real painkiller *cough* Judas Priest! *cough* *cough*
stoopiD TaRgeT:This sucks! Three Days Grace needs Adam back!
Natalia one.piece:Matt ROCK in this song....... but he destroys all the Adam's songs!!! Mat has really good voice but Adam has way to better...... 
Andrea Medina:
Kira Trancy:Haters are just going to hate. I mean, I love new TDG and old TDG.. I don't know about you guys.
Sarah Haner:I miss adam ;( but I still love them and the replacement 
Mads-Emil Jensen:The anime community really fucking loves this song for AMVs.
Jimmy Bardwell:
Distaancee:i like the new singer, not a problem on my behalf, three days grace still has the mad vibe about it :)
bencehaar:favourite song 4ever
PatSch:nice song but not Three Days Grace!!! 3DG - R.I.P. 1997 - 2013
Frank Wulff:Toll
Jacob Potempa:um.... I like adam more :/ he had the voice that went with it this Matt guy he is okay he just doesnt have the voice and TDG is my favorite band of all time but I hate to say this.... I will like their old cds alot more 
nimeh71:I wish Matt stayed with My darkest Days. their albums were amazing
Mstraley50:I guess Adam's voice is so unique and I associated it with TDG. Now, I feel like I'm listening to a totally different band. I don't know if they'll recover. 
hukkerz:I like him better then the egotistical dick
Diana Flores:I love this song
Jennifer Davis:i love it... its not the same as befor with adam.. its diffrent... but its pretty freakn good
Pewdiepiefan Markiplierfan also and other:R.I.P Adam? or did he quit
peter lai:THREE DAYS GRACE.. your Come Summer Night Concerts Soon Vancouver PNE Show band
Fluhttah Bweeze:OMG guess who's joined the Illuminati 0o0
matt susman:WTF??? i heard this song a few days ago and was in love with it. But i didn't know it was by TDG which ive been listening to for the last 7 years. They replaced the lead singer? why?
Robyn Whyard:Matt is good, but I don't think he should shoot for trying to fill Adam's shoes. It's not gonna happen. Awesome song. Miss Adam though :(
bob meow:0:37 ( the toast you die on xD )
"Painkiller" Out Now:

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Published: 2014-03-31 13:06
Author: ThreeDaysGraceVideos
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