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Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

listening to this for the first time i can imagine exactly what Adam would sound like if he had sung it instead. the lyrical style is exactly like Adam's. I think this may have been a song they had already written before he left the band, then they just rerecorded vocals (they did say they had half the album done before having to replace Adam). This guy doesn't sound bad but I can still hear Adam's voice in my head listening to this and it would sound better.

Son Goku:TO ALL THOSE WHO HATE MATT: There's no doubt that Adam was way better than Matt. But still guys at least show him(Matt) some respect. When Adam left the band he stepped in. He didn't let the whole band go down. Why do you guys miss Adam ? He is recording a new album with his new band, he is not dead or something. Matt's voice doesn't fits only in the older songs but he sounds BADASS in "Painkiller", really badass ! Adam is still alive and making music, so why miss him so much ? Even though he has left the band, he still performs all the popular TGD songs. Matt is really good, all he need is some roughness in his voice. THIS SONG IS REALLY BADASS !!! I loved Adam's voice anyways but Matt is also great :D
Danny Massey:Adam-Pain Matt Painkiller #shotsfired
Zabigetsu:0:37 Is he singing "The toast that you die on?" XD
Cheeky Bailee:There is no end to that dude's pocket. wHY ISN'T THERE AN END iT'S NOT EVEN CLASSIFIED AS A POCKET ANYMORE
Jimi Hendrix:I thing Chester Bennington would fit TDG perfectly. Matt isn't bad, but this band needs someone with a more powerful voice.
shawn figueroa:this sounds like ADEMA tbh
Lloyd Christmas:Yup, I knew this band wouldn't survive without adam. Matt is a good singer and all but adam wrote most of the songs and put a lot of passion and emotion in them and matt just doesnt have that passion. The songs had more meaning and better lyrics. It seems like all their new songs are just gonna be really repedetive nickelbacky songs which is too bad cause 3dg used to be my favorite band.
fahad abdulkareem:hmmmm i think im going to like this band i was searching for a new bands and this was in the list Painkiller is the first song i listened to and suggestions ? 
Horváth Jánosné Judit:!!! ...
Bad Mojo 92x:listening to this for the first time i can imagine exactly what Adam would sound like if he had sung it instead. the lyrical style is exactly like Adam's. I think this may have been a song they had already written before he left the band, then they just rerecorded vocals (they did say they had half the album done before having to replace Adam). This guy doesn't sound bad but I can still hear Adam's voice in my head listening to this and it would sound better.
Pita bread:The New lead singers voice reminds me of the Lead singer from MyDarkestdays kinda funny cause one of the bands they were inspired from was TDG
She-Devil Strauss:❤❤
milan miki:1 year passed and Painkiller has 7 millions views :D
SnowMan6797:Might as well change this bands name to My Darkest Days 2.0 now. 
Levia ackermen:I <3 This song it fits me ;)
Latosha Kennedy:I have to admit, I hated the Venus Transit album but this is something else. Pure awesomeness might be a good phrase.
king charlie:Is this the original singer please someone tell me asap
otaku chan:I just can't listen to the new songs their so different with out Adam. I miss Adam
Tyrion Lannister:fuck three days grace now. shit band now.
Janek West:I don't like Matt's voice. And songs now is really worst then before. I want more songs like On My Own and Chalk Outline, and now it's just screaming, Adam's voice was much better.
Light Yagami:Which Painkiller is better: Judas Priest or Three Days Grace, comment your opinion!
Julia The Dark:Me encanta esa canción! LIKE ;)
Elf Demigod:This is officially my new favorite song
VOX Hopper:Maybe i can be your painkiller.
MakeYouHoppy:How did a Canadian band become so successful?
AmvRage:Netero was a genius... :D
1702jrd:Dear Emo "rockers". Please find your own original song titles. Painkiller belongs to the one and only Judas Priest - a real band, with greater skill and songwriting prowess. Kudos to the user slotting in the lyrics for the REAL painkiller.
riley byrd:+Rainbow Dash you like this to?
Is(L)AmUxBomba:0:37 TEN CZOSNEK CI DAJĄ!!!!
Mirelutza78:I am Machine is the best <3
Tony Plays:So awesome nice song
brock davidson:Am I the only one that things the lead singer sounds completely different in this album?
vladlashing:Generic ... I dont understand this whole movement of bands that look the same, sound the same, same production, same tones ... same voice and the hot topic clothes with beards
julian ibañez:Judas Priest Rules! This song sucks!
joshAKAtheman:Barry Stock looks fucked
Anne Cotter:0:37 The toast that you die on! xD
Raven Winchester:+The Amazing Waffle Man Yoshi :3​ Here bro....I saw one of your posts and u said u feel here...this song might help Three Days Grace - "Painkiller":
ShowMeYourPain:this is adam or matt i am new
Andrew Nass:Is it just me or does sound very generic? 
Patrick Barker:Fucking EPIC. >:D
Alyssa Hann:Man three days Grace grow up listening to them even after Adam left I still love the band .
PonchoPikachuChoe:i was expecting a judas priest cover..:/
ShadowAssassinps3:Its so cool how you can tell even tho they have a new lead singer how their instrumentals are still similar <3
Nick Rempel:its sad tht adam left three days grace. granted my darkest days was good, but three days grace is just no longer three days grace, its more like my three darkest days of grace 
Will Crowder:I have a ton of respect for Matt and think he's a great singer and artist. However, as a life long Three Days Grace fan, the band will never be the same without Adam's iconic voice and it's quite upsetting. 
Matt Brier:Anybody know where I can get Matt's jeans or jacket? Like what its called? It would really help thanks
Patrick star:I do not fucking "miss" Adam because I have never knew or met him in my life..but I want more beautiful songs like "never too late" and "I hate everything about you" on my playlist.. and if Matt can provide songs of this kind with his vocal abillities- then I do not care about Adam and I aing gonna beg 4 dat douchbag to come back. 
Emma Montes:Dat voice doe... soooo beautiful.. u cant judge meeeeee!!!
D1CKS0N C1D3R:I. Love TDG I am from there home town Norwood Ontario. AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! 😃
"Painkiller" Out Now:

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Updated: 2015-04-18 12:46
Published: 2014-03-31 13:06
Author: ThreeDaysGraceVideos
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