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Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

I know most people think 3DG won't be the same without Adam Gontier, but as a longtime fan of 3DG I disagree. I mean it's heartbreaking that Adam won't be with the band anymore, but after listening to this song, I don't thing that 3DG will miss a single step. In fact I'd say that the new lead singer could be just as successful as Adam was since the songs are being written with a heavier, more aggressive-sounding vibe that really fits Matt Walst's style. So I know that some people may disagree with me, but that's where I stand with this. Take it or leave it!!!!!

amy lee:Awesome song. I still miss Adam though
Haylee Keck:o_____o.... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, ADAM DX!!!!
TheForestwilson:God I hate My Darkest Days.. oh wait this is Three Days Grace? Oh god..
denis kompos:this is not 3 days grace :(
Dietonightliveforever:Yo is that Criss Angel Mindfreak in this picture?? WT? Amazing song nonetheless lol.
nimeh71:I wish Matt stayed with My darkest Days. their albums were amazing
Drought Official:*Sigh* I thought Three Days Grace fans were some of the most tolerable because we all as their fans can relate to their music and have put up with so much shit that we don't care what anyone else thought about us or TDG. We simply loved their music and could relate and vent with it. But now you guys are just out of control. Adam left a long time ago. They even said Matt was with the band as a writer before he was in the band. It's like Avenged Sevenfold. Their drummer "The Rev" (Jimmy) died and they replaced him with this new drummer named Arin. (I believe that is his name.) Well. Needless to say. "Arin isn't as good as him!" No one is ever as good as the original. News flash guys. Everything dies or breaks and needs to another item to fill that void again. If a child's dog dies what usually happens? The family gets the kid a new puppy. It will never be the same as the old puppy but guess what, it won't bring the other one back bitching about the new one. Be happy for Matt being here instead of some terrible singer who puts no effort into his vocals and musical talent. Matt is great, and so was Adam. Now I'll say this damnit: IF THREE DAYS GRACE CAN ACCEPT MATT, THEN YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCEPT HIM AS WELL! Have a good day, now please get over yourselves. ~Drought.
Kelly Poulin:NO ADAM NO TDG
Mcrmy Soldier_Hannah:Good song but Adam was so much better
MrJLov13:I know most people think 3DG won't be the same without Adam Gontier, but as a longtime fan of 3DG I disagree. I mean it's heartbreaking that Adam won't be with the band anymore, but after listening to this song, I don't thing that 3DG will miss a single step. In fact I'd say that the new lead singer could be just as successful as Adam was since the songs are being written with a heavier, more aggressive-sounding vibe that really fits Matt Walst's style. So I know that some people may disagree with me, but that's where I stand with this. Take it or leave it!!!!!
Jakub Marszałek:The Only "Painkiller" is Judas Priest!
xXxDeWxXx:This is fucking horrible. Not saying the last cd by three days grace was great but it was way better than this gay shit. The new lead singer blows.
hukkerz:I like him better then the egotistical dick
stuffdylan:Do people not understand that Matt is only a replacement because they did not wana cancel the tour they won't a more permanent singer
Charlie Smith:they kicked adam out worst mistake ever this song is trash RIP three days grace
Herr_Äpplepaj:Oh great another metalcore band.
Tim Roth:The new singer sounds like he came from Linkin Park.
xMikeitox:1. God, I'm fed up with this whining about Adam. Adam is great no doubt but HE left the band on HIS OWN WILL. It's not like the others kicked him out of 3DG. 2. And sure thing that Matt doesn't and won't sound like Adam. WTF are some "fans" thinking? You can't expected that a new lead singer will sound like the former one. Every singer has his own special voice and way to sing. Just accept this. 3. 3DG should change its name because Adam left? LOL. So if this is the case, many other bands should have changed their names too (and there are bands which changed their leads so many times). I don't know what you think but in my opinion a band isn't just the lead singer. A band is a TEAM! So, everyone is important and makes a band a band. Adam wasn't 3DG BUT part of it. Geez, I wished Adam would once say something about this whole shit so some "fans" will shut up. If you liked 3DG just for Adam, so follow Adam and leave 3DG alone. They have now Matt and he will make his way.
dl house:This band is actually listenable now that Matt Walst joined 
Alyssa Luna:3dg was my favorite band, and the old one still is. This is crap. It shouldnt be called Three Days Grace anymore, it should be called Three Days Crap.
Gergő Gaál:Pls change the name of the band and i' ll love you guys but not like this.... Three days grace is dead without adam 
The Doomsday Boy Scout:Does Anyone Else See The Troll Face 2:59
Philip Mills:No Adam NO TDG. It's not the same without him. This is the way it is with any band that changes their lead singer. It doesn't work IMO.
Brooke Nice:Shut the fuck up about Adam! Be happy the band isn't disbanding alltogether for fuck sake! PLUS THIS SONG IS FUCKING AWESOME!
peter lai:THREE DAYS GRACE.. your Come Summer Night Concerts Soon Vancouver PNE Show band
Winter Sullivan:I don't know how to feel about this It doesn't feel the same There's no Adam I need his voice! I mean it's good and all but ouch . . .
Fluhttah Bweeze:OMG guess who's joined the Illuminati 0o0
★DetectiveYoutube★:I do love Adam and I do wish he came back but...this is going up at #4 of my favorite TDG songs ever!!!! Guys just get over Adam's leaving! He's not coming back and that's final! And also, Matt did a HUGE favor for us! He kept TDG up and going up! Nope, don't tell Matt to leave, don't beg Adam to go back , give Matt a BIG hank you! If you're going to act like that, go on the time machine and go live your old ThreeDaysGrace life. Overall, I'm supporting TDG no matter what!!! 1 thing 2 say 3 Days Grace 4ever!
Félix Thériault:amazing song that remembers me what adam was doing when i began to love them even if all people dont like transit of venus i found this album awesome its good to do something dieffrent sometimes. I like this song too but when i listen to it it reminds me that adam left. They should have change their name at my opinion it's not TDM anymore.
Andrea Medina:
Robyn Whyard:Matt is good, but I don't think he should shoot for trying to fill Adam's shoes. It's not gonna happen. Awesome song. Miss Adam though :(
jacob Stine:Honestly if your a true fan you wouldn't bitch about a lead change.
FuturisticBlader GT:Adam, was a great singer. But Matt Walst is really just as good! Just give the singer a chance to be in this awesome group! This song made it up to the top in the rock charts for me this year and Matt did good being the Adam Gontier of this song! I have to admit, that Matt did a pretty good job singing for Gontier in this song! #GiveBradsBrotherAChance Btw, stop crying about Adam being gone. He had no choice, he had to leave because of some medical issue and Matt Walst is doing pretty good taking his place in 2014!
Sarah Haner:I miss adam ;( but I still love them and the replacement 
Luciano Mosca:Please, anyone can explain me why Adam left the band?
23333monster:anyone see the making of it? they didnt even talk about Adam Gontier 
Zales X:I heard adam retired but I dont know if thats true either way the band still sounds great but its not the same as before. Hopefully we can still have the great music keep up the great work.
Crone Michaelis:Love this song so much♡♡♡
Maggie Callaghan:LAME!! Very disappointed Adam isn't singing anymore =(
Dusk Sliverheart:wait is this the only Matt Walst song?
Frank Wulff:Toll
Chi26trojans:Adam left the group on his own free will, he wasn't kicked out or anything so stop criticizing the band for not having Adam. There is nothing they could do. Yes, it will never be the same old 3DG, but Matt is a great replacement and this song is awesome
TalTheBest:Why for god's sake don't they change the name of the band? Three Days Grace belongs to Adam. Period, and even though the new singer doesn't massively change their style of lyrics and melody, even if the voices sounded the same, Adam is our person beyond just the singing, we loved him. They should've made a new band with a new name after he left.
DarthShadow25:This new singer is competent, but trying to fill Adam's shoes is neigh impossible. While his voice fits the general vibe of the bands music it just doesn't have the emotion that Adam had. Not to mention Adam wrote TDG's best songs. All in all they should just change their name. They can be a good alternative rock band, possibly even a great one, but they will never be able to step out of the shadow of their past glory with Adam.
Nadia Shewchuk:this isnt the band i fell in love years ago. Adam needs to return.
ePranks:If you like this song search Starset - My Demons youll like that too for sure!
Apex Ashan:I'm glad they didn't disband, adam may be the face but still their are other members of this band. On top of that, I swear I remember Adam was just leaving for sometime and was going to come back later?? 
DisLikedObject:I respect Three Days Grace for carrying on without Adam. But I'm sorry... They should change the name. Adam was Three Days Grace. And he is now gone so they should change the name. I've been a fan of Three Days Grace since I first heard Pain. I really wish Adam would come back, but I know that wont happen. Matt really isn't that bad, and if the rest of the songs sound like this, well I might just buy the album. All my childhood bands are breaking up :(
DH Origins Family Channel: I can say that this song sounds like it is being sung by a whiny teenager & NOTHING against whiny teenagers but THAT is so NOT 3DG!! Their songs have SOUL & make you feel & this one just made me want to peel the skin off myself & poor salt into the wounds & I just turn to a different station on satellite radio when it comes on & I NEVER do that EVER with 3DG!! Diehard fan!
Ciel Nuageux:
"Painkiller" Out Now:

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