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Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah ft. Pitbull

If someone was saying "Mmm yeah" to me, I'd knee them.

AustinMVEVO:Who’s coming to see me on tour? :)
AustinMVEVO:Feeling the love from all my Mahomies. Subscribe and be the first to see new videos, got some exciting things coming up! 
Claudia Ruano:que guapo austin mahone
a1bassil:Good song, as long as you mute it when baldy sings.
Rellikkk1:whats the girl name??????
YoungA170:Can you guys give my rap songs a listen? All i ask for.
madeleine muir:Does anyone speak spanish?
White Legends:Not sure if photoshop or just an amazing room.
Abryana Sanchez:Does anybody else want to punch him in the face for them face expressions? Cause I know I sure do!
Jenica Bowes:If someone was saying "Mmm yeah" to me, I'd knee them.
Christine Kong:how is it your face is flawless do u use pimple cream or something? 
Alexandra Sanchez:Loved the moving floors. Sooooo creative!!
Nick Stockstill:Austin is so cute better than all of the other boy singers I love u Austin
MsTrixMaster:Ffs he's wearing mascara.... -_-
upcomingragequit:Worst song ever.
Clair Drochner:
Ahidash Rusher:Wow me encanta ! *0*
fatimah abdul - waasi:this stupid song needs to come down cuz he is a annoying idiot . who cant sing or dance he is a fake n those girls too old and he is very thirsty for girls cuz the point of the somg is he looking at her but and saying mmmm yeah what a sicko
Derek Smith:Who would win in a fist fight? Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone?
Alex Gordeev:They took Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity concept for this video.
ColdStar x:fuck this i prefer heavy metal! 
Madonna Moreno:Pit bull should have done it with jb ;)
Nagisa Brooks:To be honest, that girl looks like shes 35. And Austin is WAYYY out of her legue.
Whitney Durham:hi your cute
rawan waleed:she is older than you , you stupid :P 
TeamPhijkchu PeLLk:Why is Pitbull a male stripper in this video?
Lucasvfx BR:Gostei muiro
Emma Kim:He is just so hot ffs
Ines Hocine:Marry me *-*
LaUrIAnA MoRaRd:Pittbull arruino la canciom
Roberto Casuccio:Austin is definitely my favorite singer. He inspire me so much on what i do. I'm from italy and i covered some of his songs, check it on my channel and hope you like it ;)
Claire Severson:3:04 worst face ever lol
Maitt mahomie forever:I love this song ... I love you Austin
Gonzalo Pimentel:HE is better that justin boobies i mean bieber
Guillermo Quintero:Pitbull habla español
Emma Kot.:
[email protected] D1959:Cool song I like it very much
SlayerVectorGaming:3:28 lol Austin pushed pitbull away XD
Geovany Vivar:
Dwayne Wagan:The title of the song should be CHORUS
Nick Wolhar:He is a piece of crap copy of Justin 
Leonilde Gurgel:legal
GoodNewsNobody:Not even his videos are original, check out Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity. 
Amya Woods-Harden:I love this song
Laetitia Huet:Mmm Yeah ♥♪♥
Jessica Lopez:austin u are the must cutest teenager an popstar ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brandon crim:I want to u are my fav and ur soooo cute but I can't
Lauren Day:Two words: Love tgis xD
María Pía Tinista:te amo ``AUSTIN MAHONE ´´
Austin Mahone “Mmm Yeah” is available to download now

Purchase Austin Mahone’s EP “The Secret” now and get instant downloads of "MMM Yeah", "Till I Find You" and "All I Ever Need":
Music video by Austin Mahone performing MMM Yeah. ©: Chase Records / Cash Money Records, Inc.
Views: 64,680,928
Updated: 2014-08-20 20:38
Published: 2014-03-13 15:00
Author: AustinMVEVO
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