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Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah ft. Pitbull

HEY. YOU NEED TO READ THIS. ALL OF YOU. ANYONE OUT THERE! 1)This might sound rude. 2)But this is real life. 3)There are millions, if not billions like you, wanting the fame & the minute of stardom. 4)There are thousands like him (those who got it) & (although I hate him, it's true). 5)Your chances are miserable. (like, what's the chance Austin Mahone (or whoever he is) responds to your comment?.... Well that chance is oh so many times bigger than you getting to become someone like him. 6)Unless you become a celebrity or a mainstream personality, he won't care sh*t about you. 7)He doesn't deserve being worshipped. He doesn't even know you exist! 8)He is not grateful for the support - he is grateful for fame&money he is earning. 9) Deal with the fact that you have to bring yourself up and only then you will be noticed. 10) This is 21st century. This is our world. This is real life. This is how life really works. Really, I don't want your dreaming to end. I just want you to start living real life. This comes to you from a 13-year old. Now think. Use your brains. (mostly to crazy girl fans out there) How would this obsessive behavior make you closer to a celebrity? How does this make you better? Just why do you do this? It's absolutely pointless. REALLY think. Fan-girls & fan-guys, STOP. To anyone reading this, please help this post to spread. We need this nonsense to END! And think again before writing a negative reply. 

AustinMVEVO:Feeling the love from all my Mahomies. Subscribe and be the first to see new videos, got some exciting things coming up! 
Ciclope Craft:Hello I'm From BRAZIL !!
AustinMVEVO:Who’s coming to see me on tour? :)
ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΚΩΣΤΟΥΛΑΣ:Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah ft. Pitbull
RuunaLUVSesshy:1) Catchy harmless song and video (if you ignore Pitbull and the pervy faces he makes at those girls' asses) 2) cute guy doing his thing 3) Not all songs have to be deep in meaning. Sometimes is just fun to let go of your prejudices and bounce to some fun rhythm. What's wrong with this song? Nothing, really, yet I see the classic ellitists coming here and being all hateful and pathetic. Same kind of behavior they sported with Justin Bieber back when he was an innocent kid and people insulted him eveywhere you put your eyes to read just because he was suddenly very popular. And then the same people asked themselves what reason did JB have to become a dick. Not that I condone any of his behavior now, but seeing the way those people treated him and talked about him when he became famous, I am not surprised that growing up he gave those idiots what they accused him of in the first place. I hope the hate does not touch this guy. Austin, save yourself before these kinds of individuals reach you!
Blazey the burning cat:Amg Austin plz dont change!!!! You're so perf!!! X""""3
iris Baptiste:Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah ft. Pitbull:
heat4yoass:I like how he stole Usher's "Yeah". Talentless hack
Maria Lopez:
Anthony The Artic Wolf:Why Am I Sexually Attracted To This Song ?
Karem Pegoraro:§ § ) muy bueno y lo ve you
Blake ward:u got more swag then Justen b
CupcakeSims3Gaming:OMG I FINALLY FOUND A JUSTIN BIEBER VIDEO. Oh never Mind some person named Austin Mahone. My bad.
Luke D:Omg he put a troll face at 2:61.. wow....
BassieThePerfectPuffGirls1 1:Mmm Love it~! x3 
Hunter Cogar:Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah ft. Pitbull:
Luis Fernamdo Rodriguez Arevalo:una copia barata de jamroquai que insulto no manches ya arruinaron esa fantastica canciòn 
Pow Smash:He looks like Justin Bieber ...
Rizerr96:I need that floor.
محمد العتيبي:صراحه مرررره روووووووعه ياخي انت كبير والله دخلتني جو والله حماس الله يوفقك يا شيخ انت كذا تجذب العالم انا تحادي صميم واصل انتاج واخراج كلها جميله واصل يا وحش💜💌👍
Jansta Gamsta:Pitbull looks like swiftor
Katherin Pineda:
Haida Vasquez:When can I see you and you are so hot 
Audrey Pabst:OMG that is amazing!!!PS.All girls fall for you
GreenGrunt Salt:who is here from the vine Curtis Lepore - Going to the movies like
Piro Efekta:This guy is a faggot but the song is damn catchy
Radonja Prelevic:Why are you acting like Justin Bieber?
james broomfield:mmm yeah to my girl if i had one lol
Melissa Lozano:wouldn't it be awkward if you walked down the street and some random dude just went "mmh mmh yeah yeah" I WOULD RUN AWAY
Lina Galanopoulou:0:48 HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!?!?!simply asesome......
Niall Gaffey:Good 
Kamil Skorski:Hello I'm from Poland ;) This song is best ! Yeah !
jasmine lathrum:your so hot Austin I am a mahomie and jonathan pineda shut up hes hot.
Mikkel Iversen:flækker
Kenneth Boglo:I'm a boy but I love you austan
More Ferro:
gamzdude:This is carp, Yeah! by Usher is much better. 1/10!!
Agustin Efec:Esta canción se hizo famosa por nickelodeon diganme si no
Milagro Espinoza:me mee encanta este vide
McKenzie Peller:i wanna meet his stylist and smack her, i just watched every video for the first time today and am severly disappointed in his look! i mean the first time i even ever heard/seen Mahone was on a teen magazine and he was wearing a white tee shirt with 2 gold chains printed on it(lord help him)... i could do better for this boy.
Celeste Garcia:I love you
Fed Lau:This video makes me remember Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity.
Trol Gaming:42.313 Dislike ? 
Gabby Goyette:i hope my boyfriend don't see this but austin mahone is hot hot hot !!
ItsLexilOG:I want to be your friend 
Elena Denisa Gentarau:mmmm hahaha
Austin Mahone “Mmm Yeah” is available to download now

Purchase Austin Mahone’s EP “The Secret” now and get instant downloads of "MMM Yeah", "Till I Find You" and "All I Ever Need":
Music video by Austin Mahone performing MMM Yeah. ©: Chase Records / Cash Money Records, Inc.
Views: 111,575,031
Updated: 2015-04-25 15:52
Published: 2014-03-13 07:00
Author: AustinMVEVO
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