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The Unbelievable Power of Belief by Sandeep Maheshwari (in Hindi)

Hey Sandeep, I am working on this Travel Blog after getting inspired by your thoughts. Thanks for awakening me.

Bishnuprasad Pati:Wonderful inspiring class .... (In depth knowledge of life... ) GOD Bless You.... Thanks with regards, Bishnu
CuteCapKids:Thanks! for recall for reinvestment, second step for accomplishment of..............
Madhusudan Dadhich:Sandeep Maheshwari: Sense of Mission, clarity of purpose (Who he is , Why he is in and What he want to do next ! ). Amazing. How smoothly he have explained the concept of Product based companies. What, How and Why everything sorted out. Along with this if we follow The Secret movie that will take us to no point of solution rather then what Sandeep says is quite logical and worth following. “You can do anything, but not everything.” Helped me a lot and changed my view to look into things and situations with different perspective. Thanks for sharing.
kapil sharma:Exactly sandeep Sir! And same as ranbir Kapoor did and fulfill his dream In Rocket Singh movie..
Lalit Kesharwani:It was just fantabulous sandeep sir, thanks a lot for this session ! :-)
Sachin Saroj:Very first, thanks Sandeep for sharing this video. I literally fallen in love of your thoughts and screenplay. You have shared highly practical ways in this video and I would like to tell you one interesting thing. A recommended book in your video, Marketing Management by Philip Kotler is already in my library for 2 years. I brought it for a same mentioned purpose, but i couldn't read it. This session is made for me, which has brought the mistakes in front of my eyes. Till now, i was crawling and after this i will start running. Thanks for a gift, you have released this video on my b'day 1st march :)
ART Ellipse:ART
suharsh tyagi:Hello Sandeep, i have a very big doubt on my mind. first of all let me tell you i have watched all of your videos 2 or 3 times and thank you so much for everything they have actually helped me in coming up with solutions to my ideas. Actually i was thinking that why would anyone in this world would provide FREE dvds and videos with so much of motivational stuff and why would anyone invest money to hire actors, camera men and provide free seminars to people just to help them to face their fears and so that they can achieve their goals. But after analysing each of your videos it felt like every video is pushing the people to try their hand in the business world and even everyone knows that 99 % of the people get exploited and fail in the business field. And if your ultimate goal is concerned (which you never say) If the more people will jump into this field, they will require some kind of advertising to push it to the next level and then the main role of your company ImagesBazaar will come into picture. I mean if you can even inspire 1 out of 100 viewers, you will earn heck of profits from their approch to your company to make their bussiness grow. You made government jobs look like they are shit, even they are much safer than losing everything in a bussiness. You get your pay on time, job security, good enviroment(not like companies) and an assured bonus. And you are just creating a bad image for a government job in each video, mainly this one. You emphasize on leaving your job and doing what you want. You never say what would we do if we fail ? If nothing went according to the plan ? Then what ? Suicide ? I mean your videos are good but I felt a sudden change in me when I stopped studying and started designing random things( i actually succedded) after observing ur vids but got compartment in board exams. (Iam just 17) And by the way I am not a blind follower so I came up with this and if this is your main aim please stop it. It might make some people successful but most of the dumb followers will get butchered in the bussiness world and in real life too. So Sandeep, DO reply me if you read this.
Ninad Bhat:belief comes from knowledge and experience. Very powerful and crisp that! Sandeep, your videos have been very helpful. It is so easy to be on the comfort zone, and takes courage to step out of it. You've made many of us do that. I am a budding singer and would love to make it big in the music industry soon. The first step has been done: I have created a YouTube cover channel. This is my first song "Galliyan" | Ek Villain. Thanks a lot :) Galliyan - Ek Villain (Ankit Tiwari) | A Cover by Ninad Bhat
Sanjeev Dogra:Hey Sandeep, I am working on this Travel Blog after getting inspired by your thoughts. Thanks for awakening me.
PRANJAL CHOUBEY:I have no words... I had tears in my eyes at the end of this phenomenal story.. I was visualizing myself as the protagonist of the story.. from start till the end.. It created a deep sensation !! It is people like you , who help us find our path to success.. Images Bazaar is simply superb ! ASAAN HAI :)
Suman Gupta:sir ji 456 pages ki book he
Jagdish Sodavadiya:Super duper hit... 
Satya Mishra:Awesome Hello Sandeep Sir, I wanna help to you, which one (edition) books should I buy of Marketing Management By Philip Kotler. I am little bit confused....Pls help me for buy this book which is better for me... GOD Bless You.... Thanks with regards, Satya Mishra
Abhishek singh Thakur:best to knw abt urself n to become a bussinessman , , awesome sandeep sir 
sukhlal chakravarty:awesome.
Anjani kumar singh:Salman khaan ko acting ki knowledge nahi thi naa hi wo accha actor hai phir bhi wo star hai, Kaise ? Uska believe kya tha ? Shahrukh se accha actor manoj bajpayie hai magar wo kaha aur ye kaha ! Answer only one- Qismat qismat qismat qismat qismat
Megha Waldia:belief..'.loved it...
Deva Bisbal:I belong to very middle class family.......I have no money for business.but dil keheta he tu kargega.......
sandip salve:mast
Kanika Joshi:it's amazing sandeep i really appreciate your work assan hai...but i have one question to ask you simply when you speaking about focus and the person realize that it's very late to understand that he did mistakes and now he need to change but the bad habbits is coming again and again and distracting him from focus then what he should
Rajan Ramchandani:Namaste Sandeep ji. Can you please write the name of the author and the book on marketing. Thank you very much.
Dr. Praveen Tiwari:sandeep is excellent.. as usual... i think when you start getting your answers by your own is the enlightenment of the prudence.. be calm... have faith in the almighty which always resides in you only... and some time ask questions to your self.. watch out for the answers.. try it... sandeep got his knowledge with his struggle and continuous failure... and most of the time people just want to get it by asking questions or listening to him or many such successful prodigy. you have to practice these too to sustain this feeling of happiness.. you get after listening to him.. regards and love to all.
ENTREPRENEUR HUB:Belief is the initial step of every success
gautam patel:bhagwati enterprises morya building oppo. saraswat bank at,po, kankavali ta,kankavali 416602 9423331270 gautam patel
Arunodaya Chary:Great
Kamalakar Ghogale:sir please check following Link
Jagdish Sangar:Awesome sir ur great... its really help me to make my life easy thank you sir
Mayuri Srivastava:Me jab b girti hu aap k videos utha dete hain.
DARSHAN D BHAVSAR:Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana - You have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions. Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani – Do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty. This message was from the Lord Krishna to Arjun during the Epic War of Mahabhaarat when Arjun was not willing to fight
Amber Kamboj:thank you so much sandeep sir !!! really helped me a lot ,,,
AKASH RAJ:thanks a lot sir ...... sir i just want to say that 1 step i want to take against the child sex abusing .... and neither i am a social worker nor ii have any knowledge about this type of social welfare or how will i do ...means sir mai kaise kya karu k mai jo kaam karna chahta hu wo karu .......koi approach koi raasta hi ni dikh raha hai ,..... qki mujhe laws k baare mein kuch ni pta .... bt mai dil se chahta hu k help karun is chiz mein koi fame ya money paane ka intension ni hai ..... what can i do sir plezzz help me .... or mai chahta hu sir aap jab v session karo na to apne video's mein itna sbko btao ya aap 1 trah se iskiadvertisement ya awarness le aao khul kar bolo childrens ko unko jaankari de do kya hai ye galt kaise ,bachna kaise hai ...or agar ghar wale ni sunn rhe h ya avoid krne ko bol rhe hai to uske alawa kya kare ..... bs chup na baithe complain kare police station mein ya kisi trustworthy ko btaye jo aapke favourmein steps le ... sir plezz aap v agar aisa krte ho to meko lagega maine kiya bt karo or isko aagey badhao ..... or sir agar koi alternative milta hai apko mere liye k mai ye kaam karu is ache kaam ka 1 part banu plezz 9643090344 mera no. h ..... i am in delhi ... ya sir aap apna no de do .... sir plezz mere is comment ko padhna ya aapka koi employee padh raho to usse req hai k plezzz sandeep sir ko jarur dikhana ,,,,, ye comment ni 1 msg h ...... plezzz i just want support of him ,... thanks !! god bless u 
Chandan Chakraborty:This is very informative video for who want start business Sandeep Maheshwari explain very use full 4ps marketing strategy Product, Price, Plan, Promotion I want to share you the marketing book shows in this video you can buy from here 
nishant gera:Sir , what if he will try to continue his acting course irrespective of his feelings?
saurabh gawande:Awesome video.Just focus on your goal and not on outcome or result.Thanks Sandeep sir.Only experienced genius can teach others.
Bishal Bist:Great knowledge Sandeep sir
Vinod Chaudhary:The boy in video is awesome actor. I like this video. I enjoyed it end to end. Awesome. The best part is your one line.... if journey is itself goal of life then success is sure. Love you Sandeep bro.
PIYUSH SINGH RATHORE:sir i am your big fan you change my whole life a lot of salute to you you are my ideal
Akshay Chauhan:Feeling low,so enjoying sandeep sir's video at 2.30 am at night
Pragnesh Parmar:I uploded 23 videos in my youtube channel but in channel view it shows 16 only. Why??
Ravi Shankar:hats off sir,hats off
Jatinder Kaur Azad:Some people are educated on life.
himanshu saxena:Thanks Sir..have a long story..can't write here..but finally got my offer latter in my dream company..Microsoft....It took almost 3 year to achieve ma dreams ...:) want to meet at least once...:)
Kuhu:Nice sandeep ji;;reminds me of 3idiots; its practical life n it only works. 
Yash Rakhiani:Everytime i have a problem in life.. He makes a video and explains it . Oh god how does he do it? Happened it at the time of Spiritual Journey , Law of attraction and now finally this ! Please keep doing what you are ,sandeep ,these seminars are really helpful :) i love you man......LONG LIVE
Animesh Kumar:awsm awsm motivation
Ganesh Bhosale:The Unbelievable Power of Belief by Sandeep Mahes…:
Sai prashanth:you strengthen my mind and heart,. thank you soo much. sir,. u cleared my mind. thank you sir..
Rishabh Kumar:Excellent video especially for those who want to become entrepreneurs.
It's an inspiring story by Sandeep Maheshwari that will help you discover your true potential!

A young guy got drifted by his feelings and misconstrued a nightmare for a dream. He failed but only to realise his true calling. It's a story of how knowledge erases innate fears and experience strengthens confidence. A story of getting what one deserves over what one desires.

About Sandeep Maheshwari
Founder of ImagesBazaar, the World's largest collection of Indian images. A World Record holder in photography, he has also received many awards and accolades in recognition of his work. To mention a few; Star Youth Achiever Award, Young Creative Entrepreneur Award and Pioneer of Tomorrow Award. He also featured on the cover of the Business World Magazine as one of the most "Promising Young Entrepreneurs of India". His thoughts have been echoed by almost all the leading magazines, newspapers and television channels such as The Times Of India, The Economic Times, Hindustan Times, India Today, CNBC-TV18, IBN7, ET Now and more.

At 32 years, Sandeep has tasted both failure and success. Inspiring countless people from all walks of life in discovering their true potential through his Free "Life-Changing Seminars", he strongly believes that, "If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most."

To know more, log on to
Connect with him at
Watch his inspirational videos at
To download the AASAAN HAI Anthem and Free e-books by Sandeep Maheshwari, go to
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Updated: 2014-07-24 23:12
Published: 2014-03-01 02:04
Author: Sandeep Maheshwari
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