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you are a real hero 4 youngster, guide 4 whom who catch many stress, aap pr ek feature film banni chahie boss. 

Sandeep Thakur:one of best video of my life thanx sir
prayas pratim:Thank you sir for making me understand the true value of success.....
John Bagga:Outstanding sir , thins for guidance
Vibha Budhraja:Thanks a lot Mind blowing 
Mritunjay Kiran:This is your best video ab8 the business. Plz upload some more video like it. I know you write in bracket regarding the video but I would like u to suggest that plz categorised the people and tell them to watch ur selected video depending on that category because ur video is not for everyone. Sometime the people like me get bore on some topics. Anyways Thanks sir thank u so much. 
AmitAnand Ludhianvi:Awesome guidance ! A must watch life changing or making video. He touched every topic to make it clear that how should we choose a Perfect Desire on the basis of Belief, not on our Superstition. We should recommend our friends and relatives to watch this outstanding video. Thanks Sandeep Maheshwari for guiding us. :-)
Myu tube:Wow
Vaibhav Kumar:best video...:) Thanx sir :)
kiran nalawade:You are great sir ... really .. like & love your all videos 
mita bapodra:you are a real hero 4 youngster, guide 4 whom who catch many stress, aap pr ek feature film banni chahie boss. 
livingurdreams09:Among all the sessions & seminars of Mr Sandeep Maheshwari, this video is my favourite. It's simply wow. Thank you so much Sir, love you & God bless you.
Rohan shinde:jin log ne unlike kiya he ya to vo nasamaj he ya fir kisi or duniya ke he........
Hansa Purohit:The Unbelievable Power of Belief by Sandeep Maheshwari (in Hindi):
lokesh kanthed:Sandeep u rock man 
vinay kumar:one of the best videos of sandeep sir
Apurba Bauri:Thank you very much sir...........
lovely kumari:thankuuu so much sir 4 this amazing video of urssss.
Ishan Verma:thanxs sir you have truly changed me and my life forever!!!
prashanth rajendra:Nice video.. i had lot of confusion between the confidence and over confidence n belief. so thanks for the nice video.
happy agarwal:This video is changed my way of thinking towards work n u r really awesome
sanjeet bhatt:
Shyam Ji Savita:Most most most powerful video. See it again and again for successful.
Fayyaz Ahmed:No words heads off to you Sandeep Sir...
vamshi krishna:Sir, Please monetize your videos with ads. People watch your videos with ads (or) without ads does not make any difference to them but if your advertising revenue goes to a orphanage (or) any foundation it will bring a little difference. I have learnt a lot from you sir. Thank you :-)
Dhermendra Singh Bist:Loved watching the session. Thanks a lot .......
Ishan Verma:who are those stupid people who have disliked this video...
Anjan Singh:Truelyunbeliveable sir!!
SHIVAM SHARMA:SIR , U GOT THIS KNOWLEDGE BY UA EXPERIENCES ONLY ..OR IS THERE ANY OTHER THING THAT U USE FOR UA LIVING STYLE. my question is not provoking , i just want to kno more abt u .. n thankyou so much sir for ua life changing seminars ... thankyou so much ..god may bless you sir .
Lubna Satkut:Thank you.. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much sir..
Ankush Kohli:i already experienced it but realised it with more efficiency by watching this
Ishan Agnihotri:simply awesome :-)
ananda teertha:This is a amazing video by Shree SM. The karmarahasya of Bhagavadgita explained in a very crystal clear way .. Please keep making these kind of inspiring videos and motivating.:) This is a great service to India
Abhijith Shetty K:Thank you Sandeep..
Raju Kumar:If want to do better your thought & Positive , Its rt way...
shree shidenur:sir really this video and your thoughts mera confusion mitaadiya ....thanks..
Mudkip Kipkip:Superb! Dhanyawaad Sandeep ji
Mayukh Mukhopadhyay:Even Ghagvat Gita teaches us to do our work without thinking about the result...Gr8 thoughts
Ashuman Chauhan:keep up the good work SM!!!...really inspiring videos
Mohammed Imran:Salute sir
Mritunjay Kiran:
Pankaj Singla:like it dost
agpo agra:super This is a amazing video by sandeep maheshwari
Lubna Satkut:Thanks.. Sir
Anjan Singh:Truely unbeliveable sir!!
ajinkya muthal:thanks sandy
krishna khanal khanal:jyada mat dekha karo bhai pschyco ho jaoge
maan ach:Brother i heard your conversation which is very well, but let me tell you something. people have thousand of needs to be done weather it's for him/herself, family, society, or nation. As you said, no matter what we've got to focus on the main idea or propose to achieve what we want, but everything is bounded by the time. If we ignore our basis needs and focus on the single propose which may takes unlimited times then we can't even stand on our feet because we could die due to the lack of supplement for daily needs. Everything is measure in time. Okay, I agreed that if you don't care the rest of things and keep doing the thing that you wanted to do, of course one day you will be succeed, but during that time you'll definitely loose a lot of things which may valuable for you after achieving your propose. Another thing, your principle works to those person who have enough ages to move on, but what about of those people who don't have enough ages and time, and want to achieve their propose? Human don't have thousand years to full fill their single propose so once he/she gets fail and start working for the same propose again again. I've hundred questions to ask you if i get chance to meet you, but somewhere i have touched by your words. Bless you
Manmeet Bhatia:Very motivational video. 
Bijal Baxi:Lots of innovative inspirational punches sandeep has. He is a great presenter. Doing fantastic work for a positive environment building.
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