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Lol. As a parent of a 3yr old, I've had to deal with this,but unlike this child I wouldn't sit and agrie with the her. It's either no cupcakes and sit your butt down or get a spanking.

Tyler Scott:Oh man...he's going to be THAT kid in class
patricia Hampel:Very cute but if he wont respect his moms authority now... what will he be like when he is 12 or a teenager. 
Berta Jacobo:Lol he's calling his mother by her name. When he calls her "honey" XD
LighteningXT9:You know he got this from his dad. The kid must have been listening to when Lena and dad are having an argument. Dad obviously always say, "Lena, honey look at this. Listen, listen to this." 
conundrum11:LOL! your son calls you "Linda" and "honey"?
Shayna Padicox:That kid is going places
Ease Dennis Stroke:Some kid only 3 years old arguing with his mother about cupcakes. He askin his grandmother and the funny part, he keeps speaking over his mother and in spanish. Lol
The K0ld Guy:Mad funny. I saw this like 3,000 times. 
victoria elliott:Personally, I'd rather my child to communicate, negotiate, and attempt to voice his opinion like this instead of falling out crying and throwing a temper tantrum like some many other children in this age group.
RckerMom87:Lol. As a parent of a 3yr old, I've had to deal with this,but unlike this child I wouldn't sit and agrie with the her. It's either no cupcakes and sit your butt down or get a spanking.
oleainatoivo:AHAhahahaha!!!! going on 20!!!! LOL!!!! :D AWSOME!!!
A Tmob:And how is this cute..Ain't no way my mother would have allowed this type of behavior...He is going to be a real monster if she don't do something NOW!!
ashley galvin:I think people are reading to much into this, she thought it was cute and filmed it. She is not a bad mother because clearly he knows what a "pow pow on the butt" is. Everyone needs to relax it's cute.
Shannon Blake:Ohhhh my goodness XD he argues better than I do.
Priemer Xperience:adorable my ass he gone learn today
Adam Baum: Parenting FAIL! This problem is instantly fixed with a colossal spanking.
Lenny Scaffidi:Hahahah thats awesome handsome lil fella lol u can tell he just prob repeats wha he dad says prob listen listen linda listen habahah kids r awesome and funny lol my nieces do n say funny stuff to kids can say the darnedest things its awesome and everyone take it easy greez he is a kid being funny i dont get what is wrong with all everyone y cant anyone ever just laught at something funny n cute n not have so much shit to say about every little shittin thing dang 
iiFallenWish:Oh hell naw. I'd slap my child before he talks to me like that. 
Linkard:At least he's better at debating than O'Reilly...
Judy say u are the mom...but u are arguing with a child!! You said you were done arguing with a 3 year old? How pathetic
Jazzin B:He is just copying his dad. Its kinda cute but it needs to be nipped in the bud.Its nice to know his dad is around to teach him though.
Victor Babalola:Lol
Seija Hill:Take a look at this video on YouTube:
Laura Walcott:o_O lol
Emily Mahabir:MUST WATCH!
heyu:The kid needs a smacking, the mom needs a smacking for letting it happen, the dad needs a smacking for setting that example, and anyone who likes it needs a smacking and should never have kids if they think kids like this little brat are cute.
Derrick Williams:crazy how the majority finds this cute or humorous. my mother or grandmother would have slapped the shit out of me. no respect for his mother.
Dawn Appelberg:all these guys thinking it's funny..won't be when he is older and puts "Linda' in the hospital cause he don't respect her.
Brandon Jose:Thumbs up if you like him saying Linda lick it:P
Julio Jones:I wouuld beat the dog shit out of his ass if he ever spoke to me like that.
Mama Carrie:Lynda betta listen
Jyoti Singh:
Zeljko Milutinovic:20 years later.... "Listen Linda, you are not listening!!!" * smack her head in the floor" "Linda Im eating that fucking cupcake!!!" 
Ju'Khia Smith:This hilarious
Rara Ra:So cute, but I would not want him for a future son-in-law. As for his mom, you are gonna need a lot of prayer when it comes to him. As for me, I would be afraid to raise him because my patience is short! I 've never got my pic taken at any county jail, but if I had to raise him, hmmm, I don't know I would probably get a charge!! If I have to speak a third time to tell a child to move or hush, or whatever, and we are still debating, then that child better scramble out of my presence quickly and that's real talk!!
Carmelite L. Price:Not funny at all. What are we teaching our children except to disrespect authority and to think people thought it was an expression of himself. I want to see him at 14 when mom says no to the car and then what....So silly!!!
Darion Sanford:
almondy1963:Lol! Funny and cute, but Linda, Linda listen to me - that little cutie pie deserves a pow pow on the butt lol!
Fernando Ramirez:I would've smacked my son in the mouth if he talked to me or my wife like this little brat. 
muriel Johnson:He's cute and he is repeating what he heard someone else say. Because throughout the video he talking about something totally different from cupcakes. He sounds like he's repeating her husband or something because he calls he hunny in the conversation. I think he's a cute 3 year old and not arguing but repeating what he sees or hears. In term him repeating qhat he sees it hears could be bad or good kids are precious and we have to be mindful of what we say or do around them 
Linda Dodson:Love this lil boy but in my day we would have gas a well whipped head all that talking back and hands in hips oh boy just cute
Devyne Carr:And then she beat his ass… the end. lol
mosh1881:Kid needs a fucking slap! So do his parents. 
Angela Scott:I loved this!!! Absolutely Hilarious!!
Daauud Mohamed:this kid is crazy
tigerkittymeow:Pfft! If this was me at 3 and my mom, this video wouldn't even have lasted this long, cuz I'd be in time out crying with a sore ass...
chokoraa mjinga:i'd divorce my wife if i found out she's been spanking or hitting my child. hitting kids is child abuse. i'm 6ft 270 pounds buff and don't feel the need to intimidate children to correct them. No Respect for kid hitters!!! they're equivalent to wife beaters!
Geoffrey Makurira:He is a little spoiled brat... needs a serious spankings
Smeeoh:The last time I checked there wasn't a one size fits all guide to parenting. Those of you complaining about "how this is not cute" or "disgraceful" or that "he should his place as a child" need to lighten up a bit. Would it have pleased you more to watch a a 2 minute video of his mom beating him?This was meant to be humorous video of how a 3 YEAR OLD attempts to reason his way out of a spanking. NOT a "how to parent your child" video, so stop judging. And YOU don't know if he got he go the spanking or not, so WHY THE HELL are you whining about lack of discipline. IT'S A FREAKING 2 MINUTE VIDEO.
kwanese mccorvey:aww so cute
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Updated: 2015-05-25 17:13
Published: 2015-04-17 15:23
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