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Minecraft PC - Hunger Games At Yogtowers!

Please can you post more hunger games as I am bord of watching the ones you have already posted 😊 

iBallisticSquid:If the quality is only 360p just keep refreshing! Youtube is still processing the video! :)
Victor Besson:Can someone go 9/11 on Yogtowers, please?
Tamara Lee:squid at the end did you just say FUCKS Stampy
Alex Wright:so thats what stampy looks like :) Now if only I could find out his real name?
Commando Faunter:Squid can I join u in sky island challenge once you get to that darn understating an once I get minecraft just give me a holla if you say yes also maybe I'll show u my minecraft skills when I make my house just email me at [email protected] thx......
Kindridheart:Ah man, I just watch these non stop!
Oliwia Sobczyk:Im 9 the water boild up toches cold makes gas evapurates into the air and makwes clouds
RandomSafariAJ:Stampy's hair looks green XD
Jasmine Garrett:+iBallisticSquid and +stampylonghead are the best I love you both xxx 
Louise Venn:Please can you post more hunger games as I am bord of watching the ones you have already posted 😊 
Tiffany Feng:and why ignore all the chests in round 2??
Mike Kabatt:Did anyone see a arrow in stamps butt
chloeraines raines:clouds are condensation on the atmosphere, or water vapor but clouds are a think, its just floating water
Gurly Philippino:What vid has a stack of diamonds?
Eric Kim:server ip???
Chaz W:What server is this
rhodes:Stamps likes like that!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dawnte Duffin:stampy has green hair
Kate Wright:im distracted staring at you both
Lukedoesminecraft:Why is squids name "squid" I mean, shouldn't his name be "iBallisticsquid"?
caitlyn ellis:You guys are my favorite youtubers 
Michael Rodriguez:Can I get a shout out please!!!
GSGHD:I've teames with mad cal! 
PvPCrafterPvP:how do you change your name on the Hive?
Brittney Wright:I 💙💜💚❤️💗💖💞💘💕 Stampy's laugh. XD 
Maria Tassi:LOL!
Jazzle x:How do you change your skin on PC minecraft? I'm new to it. I normally play xbox
Marjorie Tinoco:That everybody could play
Paige Medendorp:U rock u guys!!!
Minecraft Man:Cloulds are water vaperation
Ellis McLurg:love your video I can't blive the your friend stampy has 100,0000 of subcribers comgrades to him and u too love u guy
unknownXgamer01: ⊙_⊙ ※¤°²△(:-(:-D(:-(©(:-(€(:-(€⊙¥²¤£££μ§¥※⊙©☆:-P☆:-P℃:-P:-|←:-P(:-(←;^):-P²[#]¦¦[#&#=@+@*|]{"/,/.¦!$\%% %√`√√√`=`=%)%(
WlIl Russell:tell stamps that he is epic at minecraft so are you:):):):):):)
Erick Cabrera:I want to know who is hermioDazy!! xD
Jason Jasoco:what program do you use to eliminate the background on a video like in the corners. any help?
Peter Mitchell:ban him
Deanna White:Server ip is McGovern
George Harrison:19.49 chest in tree
TowerBuilder MC:7:54 Der Keks Kruemel means the Cookie Crumb in german
Ayesha Ahmed:so close
Ciara Herbert:4:08 you have a stone sword
Ruth Laanbroek:Cool
David Sharp:lol gg
alan hassett:Good hunger game👌
Tiffany Feng:uhhh leather is better than gold.....
Marjorie Tinoco:Love hunger games in your lovely world one of your friends should make a hunger game that everybody could but not the person who made it
Brian Lane:U guys re at yogtowers? What? U guys are in the yogscast?
Jack Milton:Hey guys what is the server ip
Joseph Neeves:So bad Dislike
Hello everybody! And welcome to a round of hunger games! Myself and Stampy Cat recently visited yogtowers and they kindly let us record in their livestream room!
A big shoutout to Martyn Littlewood for editing and uploading this video for me while I was traveling back home! And also to the Yogscast for letting us use their facilities!
Hope you enjoy!

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Views: 2,063,452
Updated: 2014-07-25 21:35
Published: 2014-03-13 05:30
Author: iBallisticSquid
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